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Koodi Luokan nimi Lisää Muuta ?
W Elämäntapa, harrastukset ja vapaa-aika
Use all W* codes for: popular accounts for general adult readership. DO NOT USE: code ‘W’ itself, but select specific categories from section W*. Use all W* codes with: other subject categories and qualifiers where appropriate. Prefer: codes from A*, K*, P*, R*, T*, etc, for specialist, technical and academic works
WB Ruoka ja juoma
Class here: gastronomy, general works on food, cookery or drinks. Use all WB* codes with: NHTB for the history of food or any historical aspects of drinks, food or cookery or with JBCC4 for examinations of foodstuffs in culture and society. See also: JBCC4 Kulttuurien tutkimus: ruoka ja yhteiskunta
WC Antiikki ja keräily
Use all WC* codes for: titles about the objects themselves, as well as collecting them
WD Harrastukset, visailut ja pelit
WF Käsityöt ja askartelu
Use all WF* codes for: practical, ‘how-to’ and hobbyist approaches, often aimed at an interested amateur audience. Prefer: codes from Section A* where appropriate for art history and criticism approaches, or codes in T* section for more vocational and professional textbooks. See also: AFT Koristetaide. Ornamentiikka
WG Liikenne ja ajoneuvot
See also: KNG Kuljetusteollisuus, TR* Kuljetustekniikka ja -ala and its subcategories
WH Huumori
See also: XY Strippisarjakuvat
WJ Elämäntapaoppaat, tyylioppaat
WK Kodin ja talon kunnossapito
See also: TTVT Talonmiehet, huoltomiehet, taloudenhoitajat, siivoojat ja näihin ammatteihin liittyvät taidot, VSH Asunto- ja tonttikauppa
WM Puutarhanhoito
See also: TVS Kauppapuutarhat
WN Luonto
Use all WN* codes for: popular works only. Prefer: codes from Sections P*, R*, T* etc, as appropriate for specialist and academic works
WQ Kotiseutu- ja sukuhistoria, nostalgia
WT Matkustus ja lomat
Use all WT* codes with: the most specific PLACE 1* Qualifiers available, as appropriate
WZ Sekalaiset tuotteet
Use all WZ* codes for: products such as stationery and non-book articles for adults that would not be categorised using another subject category as a primary or main subject. Use with: other subject codes as appropriate but WZ* should be the main or principal code. Details of formats are conveyed in other product metadata

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