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T Teknologia, tekniset tieteet, maatalous, teollisuuden prosessit
Class here: associated skills, trades and professions. Use all T* codes for: academic, technical, specialist and general adult titles. DO NOT USE: code ‘T’ itself, but select specific categories from section T*. Use all T* codes with: other subject categories and qualifiers where appropriate, in particular EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE 4* qualifiers for vocational, professional or apprenticeship style education titles
TD Kemianteollisuus ja valmistusteknologiat
TDP Muut valmistusteknologiat
Use for: manufacturing processes or technologies that do not have their own code
TDPF Tekstiilit ja kuidut
Class here: fibre processing, spinning and weaving, leatherworking. Use for: technical and vocational works aimed at professionals or students in textile manufacture and related sectors, including both man-made and natural materials. See also: AKT Muoti ja tekstiilit, KNDD Tekstiili- ja vaateteollisuus
1.1 1.4
TDPJ Puutavara ja puunjalostus
Use for: all aspects of the professional processing of wood and wood products. See also: KNAL Metsäteollisuus, TVR Metsänhoito
TDPM Metalliteknologia / metallurgia
TDPP Painotekniikka ja reprografia
See also: TDPT 3D-tulostus
TDPT 3D-tulostus
See also: TDPP Painotekniikka ja reprografia

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