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Q Filosofia ja uskonto
Use all Q* codes for: academic, specialist and general adult titles. DO NOT USE: code ‘Q’ itself, but select specific categories from section Q*. QRA* and QRV* codes should be used with other QR* codes to denote which particular religion. See also: VX* Mieli, keho, sielu and its subcategories
QR Uskonto ja uskomukset
QRV Uskonnon näkökohdat
Use all QRV* codes with: other QR* code indicating religion concerned. Prefer: religion-specific codes where available, e.g. for Buddhist sacred texts, use QRFF, not QRF with QRVA
QRVA Pyhät tekstit ja kirjat
Use for: all (QRVA* codes) works about the texts as well as copies of the texts themselves. For studies, analysis, histories etc, use with an appropriate code such as QRVC
QRVC Pyhien tekstien kritiikki, tutkimus ja tulkinta
Class here: concordances, commentaries. Use for: Studies of scriptures or religious texts. Use with: other QR* code indicating religion or text concerned, e.g. QRMF1 for studies and exegesis of the Bible, or QRPF1 for studies of the Koran (Qur’an)
QRVD Uskonnolliset doktriinit
Use for: codification of beliefs or bodies of teachings or instructions, taught principles or positions, as the essence of teachings in a belief system
QRVG Teologia
QRVH Saarnat
Class here: preaching. Use for: collections and analysis of sermons, for preaching techniques etc. See also: DNS Puheet
QRVJ Rukoukset ja liturginen materiaali
QRVK Hengellisyys ja uskonnollinen kokemus
Class here: Spiritual awakening, development and personal religious growth
QRVP Uskonnollinen elämä ja uskonnon harjoittaminen
Class here: Faith, belief. Use for: general works, works that deal with belief as part of everyday life, living by the tenets of a belief or faith system on a day to day basis
QRVS Uskonnolliset instituutiot ja organisaatiot
QRVX Omakohtaiset uskonnolliset kokemukset ja inspiraatioteokset

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