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A Taiteet
Use all A* codes for: specialist and general adult titles, including both highly illustrated and more text-based works. For a hobby or recreational approach, prefer a WF* code as the main subject and supplement with A* code(s) where appropriate. Use all A* codes with: other subject categories and qualifiers as appropriate, in particular STYLE 6*, plus PLACE 1* and TIME PERIOD 3* Qualifiers. See also:
AF Taiteet: Taidemuodot
Use for: works on the fine, visual and applied arts. Use all AF* codes with: the relevant AG* code(s), AGA for History of art and artworks, AGZ for specialist works about technique, and STYLE Qualifiers 6* as appropriate. Prefer: WF* codes as the main subject for more amateur, hobby or recreational approaches
AFK Muut taidemuodot
Use for: general works on non-graphic forms of art, or art using forms not listed below, including newer forms of media
AFKB Kuvanveisto
Class here: statues, figurines, monumental sculpture. Use for: works about three-dimensional art made in any material, and for works about the art form, or associated traditions and techniques
AFKC Veistokset, naamarit, reliefit
Class here: petroglyphs, small-scale and monumental carvings. Use for: both the technique and works about specific carved objects or carved designs in any material
AFKG Korutaide, jalometallit, jalokivet
Class here: gold and silversmithing, Fabergé, etc. See also: WFJ Korut ja helmityöt, WCP Antiikki, vintage ja keräily: korut, WCR Antiikki, vintage ja keräily: kulta, hopea ja muut metallit (muut kuin korut), WFP Metallityöt
AFKN Installaatiotaide
Class here: land art, site-specific art, environmental art
AFKP Performanssitaide
AFKV Digitaalinen taide, ääni- ja videotaide
Class here: computer, electronic, holographic, virtual, cyborg, interactive, internet, generative, telematic, sound and evolutionary arts. See also: UG* Graafiset ja digitaalisen median sovellukset and its subcategories

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