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4 Lisämääreet: Koulutus
Use EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE 4* Qualifier codes WITH appropriate subject codes for: indicating the curriculum, examination or level for which educational material is specifically designed, such as school textbooks, language learning coursework, study aids, revision material, vocational training material etc. Use 4Z- national extensions when available for material written or created for a specific countries education system. 4Z codes may be used for material that is used in multiple countries, for example, the GMAT exam. Always use a 4* Qualifier when using a YP* codes. DO NOT USE: to indicate educational institutions that are the subject of a book, eg, a history of specific university. DO NOT USE: code “4” itself, but select appropriate specific qualifiers from section 4*
4L Kielten opetuksen kurssit ja kielitutkinnot
Use all 4L* codes for: material for learners of an additional language, for material aimed at pupils or learners whose first or home language is different from the language being studied. Use all 4L* codes with: LANGUAGE 2* Qualifiers as appropriate
4LE Englanninkielen opettamisen (ELT) tutkinnot ja todistukset
Class here: EAL, ELL, EFL. Use for: material for learners of English as a second or an additional language (EAL) or material for teaching English to speakers of other language, for material aimed at pupils or learners whose first or home language is other than English. See also: 4LZ Kielikurssit ja kielen oppiminen (muu kuin englanninkieli)
4LEH Testi englanninkielen käytöstä kansainvälisessä työympäristössä (TOEIC) 1.3

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