Thema Subject Categories 1.3

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Notation Category heading Add Mod ?
Y Children’s, Teenage & Educational
Use with: (all Y* codes) 5A* values from INTEREST AGE / LEVEL Qualifiers as appropriate
YP Educational material
Use for: (all YP* codes) all primary and secondary educational material & schoolbooks up to and including at least minimum school leaving age. For further or higher education and adult vocational qualifications, prefer subject code as appropriate. Use with: EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE 4* Qualifier as appropriate. See also: JNU Teaching of a specific subject, JNUM Teachers’ classroom resources & material
YPW Educational: Vocational & other subjects
YPWC Educational: Other vocational education & training
Use for: all vocational subjects taught at school not listed separately. Use with: other subject codes as appropriate, for example from the T* section
YPWC9 Educational: Work experience / Careers
Use for: material for pupils about the world of work, the skills needed, placements

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