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Notation Category heading Add Mod ?
Y Children’s, Teenage & Educational
Use with: (all Y* codes) 5A* values from INTEREST AGE / LEVEL Qualifiers as appropriate
YN Children’s / Teenage: General interest
Use for: (all YN* codes) all general interest material not covered elsewhere & not designed specifically for school use. Use YN* codes alone for non-fiction works, or after relevant YF* code for fiction on specific topics, as appropriate. Use with: 5A* values from INTEREST AGE / LEVEL Qualifiers as appropriate and any other Qualifier as applicable
YNX Children’s / Teenage general interest: Mysteries & the unexplained 1.1
YNXB Children’s / Teenage general interest: Supernatural & mythological creatures
Class here: monsters & legendary beings
YNXF Children’s / Teenage general interest: UFOs & extraterrestrial beings
Class here: aliens
YNXW Children’s / Teenage general interest: Witches, wizards & magicians
See also: YFD Children’s / Teenage fiction: Horror & ghost stories, chillers

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