Thema Subject Categories 1.4

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Notation Category heading Add Mod ?
X Graphic novels, Comic books, Cartoons
Use all X* codes for: general adult, teenage or children’s titles. DO NOT USE: code ‘X’ itself, but select specific categories from section X*. INTEREST AGE 5A* Qualifiers MUST be used with titles aimed at children or teenagers. Use all X* codes with: other subject categories and qualifiers where appropriate, in particular with PLACE 1*, TIME PERIOD 3* and INTEREST 5* Qualifiers
XQ Graphic novel, Comic book and Manga: genres 1.4
XQA Graphic novel / Comic book: memoirs, true stories and non-fiction
Class here: Slice of life, biographies, politics, travel. Use with: Non-fiction categories to indicate the subject as appropriate
XQAY Graphic novel / Comic book / Manga: Educational
Use for: titles published as comics or manga where the content is primarily non-fiction and aimed at educating people about the subject. Use with: YN* codes if for young people or other relevant non-fiction codes for titles aimed at adults. Use with: relevant XA* code to indicate type

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