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Notation Category heading Add Mod ?
W Lifestyle, Hobbies & Leisure
Use for: (all W* codes) popular accounts for general readership. Prefer Sections A*, K*, P*, R*, T*, etc, as appropriate, for specialist & academic works
WF Handicrafts, decorative arts & crafts
Use for: (all WF* codes) practical, ‘how-to’ & hobbyist approaches. Prefer codes from Section A* where appropriate for art history & criticism approaches. See also: AFT Decorative arts
WFA Painting & art manuals
See also: AGZ Art techniques & principles
WFB Needlework & fabric crafts
See also: AFW Textile artworks, AKT Fashion & textiles
WFC Ropework, knots & macramé
WFF Rug & carpetmaking
See also: AFW Textile artworks, AKT Fashion & textiles
WFG Spinning & weaving
See also: AFW Textile artworks, AKT Fashion & textiles
WFH Toys: making & decorating
Class here: soft toys, dolls, dolls’ houses etc
WFJ Jewellery & beadcraft
See also: AFKG Precious metal, precious stones & jewellery: artworks & design
WFK Decorative finishes & surfaces
Class here: decoupage
WFN Pottery, ceramics & glass crafts
See also: AFP Ceramic & glass: artworks
WFP Decorative metalwork
WFQ Decorative woodwork
Class here: decorative box-making; picture-framing
WFS Carving & modelling, moulding & casting
Class here: woodcarving, resin & plaster work, doughcraft, candle-making, etc. See also: AFKC Carvings: artworks
WFT Book & paper crafts
Class here: paper-making, book binding, greeting card-making, scrapbooking, paper planes, paper models, papercraft. See also: AKH Book design
WFU Calligraphy & hand-lettering
See also: AKD Typography & lettering
WFV Rural crafts
See also: AFT Decorative arts
WFW Flower arranging & floral crafts
WFX Adult colouring & activity books

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