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Notation Category heading Add Mod ?
V Health, Relationships & Personal development
VX Mind, body, spirit
Use for: (all VX* codes) Mind Body Spirit treatments for general readers only. Prefer codes from Sections J*, M*, Q* etc, as appropriate for specialist & academic works
VXH Complementary therapies, healing & health
Class here: Naturopathy. See also: MX* Complementary medicine and its subcategories
VXHA Acupuncture 1.1
VXHC Aromatherapy & essential oils
VXHF Nature therapy
Class here: Ecotherapy, horticultural therapy. Use for: popular approaches, for more academic approaches see JM* Psychology codes
VXHH Homoeopathy
VXHJ Reflexology
See also: VFMS Massage
VXHK Reiki
VXHT Traditional medicine & herbal remedies
Class here: popular works on Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic therapies etc. Use with: appropriate PLACE qualifier 1*

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