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Notation Category heading Add Mod ?
U Computing and Information Technology
Use all U* codes for: academic, technical, specialist and some general adult titles. DO NOT USE: code ‘U’ itself, but select specific categories from section U*. Use all U* codes with: other subject categories and qualifiers where appropriate, in particular EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE 4* qualifiers for vocational educational titles
UB Information technology: general topics 1.3
UBB History of Computing, digital and information technologies 1.4
UBH Digital and information technologies: Health and safety aspects 1.4
UBJ Digital and information technologies: social and ethical aspects
Class here: Digital divide, Industry 4.0, Internet of things, smart cities, social technology, smart homes, intelligent environments, etc. Use for: works that look at issues or impacts on society, linked to the uses or changes to society associated with computer, digital or information technologies, the internet.
See also: JBFV5 Ethical issues: scientific, technological and medical developments, PDR Impact of science and technology on society
UBL Digital and information technologies: Legal aspects
Class here: legal aspects of open source, copyleft licensing, spamming, net neutrality, internet censorship, all legal aspects of the digital dissemination of information and software. Use for: works that discuss various legal aspects of IT.
See also: LNQ IT and Communications law / Postal laws and regulations
UBM Maker and hacker culture
Use for: general works on technology-led subcultures
UBW Internet: general works

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