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Notation Category heading Add Mod ?
T Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, Industrial processes
Use for: associated skills, trades & professions
TD Industrial chemistry & manufacturing technologies
TDP Other manufacturing technologies
Use for: manufacturing processes or technologies that do not have their own code
TDPF Textiles & fibres
Class here: technical manuals for the apparel and fashion industries. Use for: all aspects of professional textile manufacture, processing, spinning, weaving. See also: KNDD Apparel, garment & textile industries, AKT Fashion & textiles
1.1 1.3
TDPJ Timber & wood processing
Use for: all aspects of the professional processing of wood and wood products. See also: KNAL Forestry industry, TVR Forestry & silviculture: practice & techniques
TDPM Metals technology / metallurgy
TDPP Printing & reprographic technologies
See also: TDPT 3D Printing
TDPT 3D Printing
See also: TDPP Printing & reprographic technologies

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