Thema Subject Categories 1.4

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Notation Category heading Add Mod ?
S Sports and Active outdoor recreation
Use all S* codes for: general adult and specialist titles. Use all S* codes with: other subject categories and qualifiers where appropriate, in particular PLACE 1* Qualifiers, for example with WT* for adventure holidays, or VFM for a sport as part of a fitness regime
SR Combat sports and self-defence
SRM Martial arts
Class here: Krav Maga etc. Use for: general works or for martial arts that do not have their own code
SRMA Aikido 1.2
SRMC Capoeira 1.3
SRMJ Judo 1.2
SRMK Ju-jitsu 1.2
SRML Karate 1.2
SRMM Kendo 1.2
SRMN Chinese martial arts / Kung-Fu
Class here: wushu
1.2 1.3
SRMS Sumo 1.2
SRMT Taekwondo 1.3
SRMV Mixed martial arts 1.3

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