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R Earth Sciences, Geography, Environment, Planning
Use all R* codes for: academic, technical, specialist and general adult titles. DO NOT USE: code ‘R’ itself, but select specific categories from section R*. Use all R* codes with: other subject categories and qualifiers where appropriate, in particular PLACE 1* Qualifiers
RP Regional and area planning
Class here: Planning policy. Use all RP* codes with: JPQB or JPRB codes or other J* codes as appropriate, for example, JKSL for works about planning for people with specific needs, etc
RPC Urban and municipal planning and policy
Class here: smart cities, urban and suburban infrastructure, use of public space, zoning, street furniture etc. Use for: works on city, town and suburban planning and policies, universal design, accessibility and accessible environments, sustainable or eco-cities, housing policies, etc.
See also: AMVD City and town planning: architectural aspects

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