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Notation Category heading Add Mod ?
R Earth Sciences, Geography, Environment, Planning
RN The environment
RNA Environmentalist thought & ideology
Class here: ecocentrism, technocentrism, deep ecology, ecofeminism, etc
RNB Environmentalist, conservationist & Green organizations
RNC Applied ecology
Use for: works taking a wide-ranging or ‘issues’-based approach. See also: PSAF Ecological science, the Biosphere
RND Environmental policy & protocols
See also: KCVG Environmental economics
RNF Environmental management
Use with: code from RBK* or RGB* to indicate specific environment or habitat
RNH Waste management
Class here: recycling, biodegradability. See also: TQSR Waste treatment & disposal
RNK Conservation of the environment
RNP Pollution & threats to the environment
See also: TQK Pollution control
RNQ Nuclear issues
RNR Natural disasters
See also: JBFF Social impact of disasters
RNT Social impact of environmental issues
RNU Sustainability
See also: TBR Intermediate technology, THV Alternative & renewable energy sources & technology, VSZ Self-sufficiency & ‘green’ lifestyle

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