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Q Philosophy and Religion
Use all Q* codes for: academic, specialist and general adult titles. DO NOT USE: code ‘Q’ itself, but select specific categories from section Q*. QRA* and QRV* codes should be used with other QR* codes to denote which particular religion.
See also: VX* Mind, body, spirit and its subcategories
QD Philosophy
QDT Topics in philosophy
See also: CFA Philosophy of language, JNA Philosophy and theory of education, KCA Economic theory and philosophy, PBB Philosophy of mathematics, PDA Philosophy of science
QDTJ Philosophy: metaphysics and ontology
See also: QRAB Philosophy of religion
QDTK Philosophy: epistemology and theory of knowledge
QDTL Philosophy: logic
QDTM Philosophy of mind
See also: JMA Psychological theory, systems, schools and viewpoints, GTK Cognitive studies
QDTN Philosophy: aesthetics
See also: ABA Theory of art
QDTQ Ethics and moral philosophy
See also: JBFV Ethical issues and debates, KJG Business ethics and social responsibility, LATC Legal ethics and professional conduct, MBDC Medical ethics and professional conduct, PSAD Bioethics
QDTS Social and political philosophy
See also: JPA Political science and theory, JPF Political ideologies and movements, LAB Methods, theory and philosophy of law

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