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Notation Category heading Add Mod ?
P Mathematics and Science
Use all P* codes for: mostly academic, technical and specialist titles and some general adult works. Qualifiers are mostly not required with P* codes. DO NOT USE: code ‘P’ itself, but select specific categories from section P*.
Prefer: WN* codes for general interest adult titles where appropriate
PS Biology, life sciences
Use all PS* codes for: academic, specialist and professional level works.
Prefer: WN* codes for natural history etc for the general reader.
See also: WN* Nature and the natural world: general interest and its subcategories
PSV Zoology and animal sciences
See also: WNC Wildlife: general interest
PSVM Zoology: mammals (mammalogy)
See also: WNCF Wildlife: mammals: general interest
PSVM2 Zoology: marine and freshwater mammals
Class here: Cetacea and Sirenia – whales, dolphins, sea cows, etc. Use for: aquatic and semiaquatic mammals.
See also: PSVM Zoology: mammals (mammalogy), WNCS Wildlife: aquatic creatures: general interest

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