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Notation Category heading Add Mod ?
P Mathematics and Science
Use all P* codes for: mostly academic, technical and specialist titles and some general adult works. Qualifiers are mostly not required with P* codes. DO NOT USE: code ‘P’ itself, but select specific categories from section P*.
Prefer: WN* codes for general interest adult titles where appropriate
PS Biology, life sciences
Use all PS* codes for: academic, specialist and professional level works.
Prefer: WN* codes for natural history etc for the general reader.
See also: WN* Nature and the natural world: general interest and its subcategories
PSA Life sciences: general issues
PSAB Taxonomy and systematics
PSAD Bioethics
Use for: issues surrounding the ethics of practices typically connected to new developments in biology and medicine.
See also: JBFV Ethical issues and debates, MBDC Medical ethics and professional conduct
PSAF Ecological science, the Biosphere
Use for: comprehensive scientific, objective and descriptive works on living organisms and their relationship with their environment.
See also: RNC Applied ecology
PSAG Xenobiotics
PSAJ Evolution
PSAK Genetics (non-medical)
Class here: DNA, Genome etc.
See also: MFN Medical genetics, TCBG Genetic engineering
PSAN Neurosciences
Prefer: MKMT6 “Cognitive behavioural therapy” for therapeutic aspects of neuroscience.
See also: GTK Cognitive studies, MKJ Neurology and clinical neurophysiology, MKMT6 Cognitive behavioural therapy
PSAX Computational biology / bioinformatics
See also: MBF Medical and health informatics

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