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Notation Category heading Add Mod ?
P Mathematics and Science
Use all P* codes for: mostly academic, technical and specialist titles and some general adult works. Qualifiers are mostly not required with P* codes. DO NOT USE: code ‘P’ itself, but select specific categories from section P*.
Prefer: WN* codes for general interest adult titles where appropriate
PN Chemistry
See also: TDC Industrial chemistry and chemical engineering, TQ* Environmental science, engineering and technology and its subcategories
PNB Medicinal chemistry
Class here: drug discovery and design, drug development.
See also: MKG Pharmacology
PNC Environmental chemistry
Class here: atmospheric, soil and water chemistry, chemical pollution and remediation. Use TQ* for practical applications of environmental chemistry.
See also: RBGK Geochemistry, TQ* Environmental science, engineering and technology and its subcategories
PND Food chemistry
Class here: food science.
Prefer: TDCT2 for more practical applications.
See also: TDCT2 Food and beverage processing and engineering
1.1 1.4
PNF Analytical chemistry
PNK Inorganic chemistry
PNN Organic chemistry
PNR Physical chemistry
PNT Crystallography
PNV Chemistry of minerals, crystals and gems 1.2

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