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Notation Category heading Add Mod ?
P Mathematics and Science
Use all P* codes for: mostly academic, technical and specialist titles and some general adult works. Qualifiers are mostly not required with P* codes. DO NOT USE: code ‘P’ itself, but select specific categories from section P*.
Prefer: WN* codes for general interest adult titles where appropriate
PD Science: general issues
Use for: the natural sciences as well as general works on the different branches of science. Use with: other subject codes as appropriate
PDA Philosophy of science
PDC Scientific nomenclature and classification
PDD Scientific standards, measurement etc
PDE Maths for scientists
See also: PBW Applied mathematics
PDG Industrial applications of scientific research and technological innovation
PDJ Regulation of science and experimentation
Use for: works on regulation, whether legal or directed by other bodies or authorities, aimed at scientists and practitioners. Use with: other P* code indicating area of science where appropriate.
See also: LNDB8 Law of science and research, university college law
1.1 1.3
PDK Science funding and policy
PDM Scientific research
PDN Scientific equipment, experiments and techniques
PDR Impact of science and technology on society
Use for: works that look that at impact that any science or technology has had or could have on society. Use with: NHTB for social history or other P* or T* or J* codes as appropriate.
See also: JBFV5 Ethical issues: scientific, technological and medical developments, UBJ Digital and information technologies: social and ethical aspects
PDT Nanosciences
Use for: nanomaterials, nanomaterial synthesis, nanoparticle chemistry.
See also: TBN Nanotechnology
1.1 1.3
PDX History of science
See also: TBX History of engineering and technology
PDZ Popular science
Use with: other P* code indicating area of science given popular treatment.
See also: WNW* The Earth: natural history: general interest and its subcategories, WNX Popular astronomy and space

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