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Notation Category heading Add Mod ?
P Mathematics and Science
Use all P* codes for: mostly academic, technical and specialist titles and some general adult works. Qualifiers are mostly not required with P* codes. DO NOT USE: code ‘P’ itself, but select specific categories from section P*.
Prefer: WN* codes for general interest adult titles where appropriate
PB Mathematics
PBB Philosophy of mathematics
PBC Mathematical foundations
PBD Discrete mathematics
Class here: finite mathematics
PBF Algebra
PBG Groups and group theory
PBH Number theory
PBJ Pre-calculus
PBK Calculus and mathematical analysis
PBM Geometry
PBP Topology
PBT Probability and statistics
PBU Optimization
PBV Combinatorics and graph theory
PBW Applied mathematics
See also: PDE Maths for scientists, TBJ Maths for engineers, UYAM Maths for computer scientists
PBX History of mathematics

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