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Notation Category heading Add Mod ?
M Medicine and Nursing
Use all M* codes for: academic, technical and specialist healthcare and medical material only. Use with: Qualifiers NOT generally required and NOT usually mixed with other Subject codes.
Prefer: V* codes for health topics aimed at a broad general adult audience
MQ Nursing and ancillary services
Use for: works for healthcare professionals, allied professions or ancillary roles that do not have their own code, or for general works
MQC Nursing
MQCA Nursing fundamentals and skills
MQCB Nursing research and theory
MQCH Nurse/patient relationship
MQCL Nursing specialties
MQCM Nursing pharmacology
MQCW Nursing sociology
MQCX Community nursing
Class here: health visitors, general practice nursing and other nursing specialities outside of a hospital setting
MQCZ Nursing management and leadership

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