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L Law
Use all L* codes for: academic, professional or specialist titles only. DO NOT USE: code ‘L’ itself, but select specific categories from section L*. The L* section is not meant to reflect any particular legal system and many titles will need at least two codes to create the appropriate category. Use all L* codes with: PLACE 1* Qualifiers to indicate jurisdiction (especially with LN* codes), plus other qualifiers as appropriate.
Prefer: VS* codes for more general adult titles
LN Laws of specific jurisdictions and specific areas of law
Use all LN* codes with: PLACE 1* Qualifiers to indicate jurisdiction, as appropriate
LNH Employment and labour law: general
LNHD Discrimination in employment and harassment law
LNHH Occupational health and safety law, working time law
LNHJ Labour rules violations and penalties
LNHR Industrial relations and trade unions law
LNHU Employment contracts
LNHW Law of professional training
LNHX Employment and labour law: procedure, dispute resolution

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