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Notation Category heading Add Mod ?
L Law
LN Laws of specific jurisdictions & specific areas of law
Use with: (all LN* codes) PLACE Qualifiers 1* to indicate jurisdiction, as appropriate
LND Constitutional & administrative law: general
LNDA Citizenship & nationality law
LNDB Administrative jurisdiction & public administration
LNDC Law: Human rights & civil liberties
See also: JPVH Human rights, civil rights
LNDE Civil & Public Servants law 1.3
LNDF Freedom of information law
LNDG Religious law & concordats
LNDH Government powers
LNDJ State liability & compensation law
LNDK Military & defence law & civilian service law
LNDL Safety & police law, regulatory & weapons law
LNDM Judicial review
LNDP Parliamentary & legislative practice
LNDS Election law
LNDU Local government law
LNDV Regional government law
LNDX Constitution

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