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Notation Category heading Add Mod ?
K Economics, Finance, Business and Management
Use all K* codes for: specialist (professional and academic) and general adult titles, but see also VS* codes for practical approaches to many topics. Use all K* codes with: other subject categories and qualifiers where appropriate
KN Industry and industrial studies
Use all KN* codes for: studies of whole sectors or works that look at aspects of these topics from a business or industrial studies perspective
KNX Industrial relations, occupational health and safety
Class here: trade unions, industrial action, industrial arbitration and negotiation, industrial health and safety etc. Use for: all industrial and commercial workplaces, not specifically manufacturing or heavy industry
KNXC Health and safety in the workplace 1.1 1.3
KNXN Industrial arbitration and negotiation 1.1
KNXU Trade unions
Class here: labour unions, organized labour
1.1 1.3

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