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K Economics, Finance, Business & Management
KC Economics
KCA Economic theory & philosophy
Class here: history of economic thought. Use with: TIME PERIOD 3* Qualifiers as appropriate
KCB Macroeconomics
KCC Microeconomics
Class here: economics of domestic trade; consumer activity, business decisions, etc
KCD Economics of industrial organization
KCF Labour / income economics
Class here: wage & salary policy, pay policy, basic income, earnings, comprehensive income. See also: JBFC Poverty & precarity
KCG Economic growth
KCH Econometrics & economic statistics
KCJ Economic forecasting
KCK Behavioural economics
KCL International economics
Class here: international finance. See also: RGCM Economic geography
KCM Development economics & emerging economies
See also: GTP Development studies
KCP Political economy
KCS Economic systems & structures
Use for: works on systems such as transitional economies, traditional economies, participatory economics, barter economy, gift economy, etc
KCV Economics of specific sectors
KCX Economic & financial crises & disasters
KCY Popular economics
Use for: accessible works for the general reader
KCZ Economic history
Use with: NH* codes if appropriate & PLACE 1* and TIME PERIOD 3* Qualifiers as appropriate

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