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J Society and Social Sciences
Use all J* codes for: specialist and some general adult titles, but see also V* codes for practical approaches to many topics. Use all J* codes with: other subject categories and qualifiers where appropriate. In J* use the most appropriate code(s) available, as many social sciences are broad topics that can have many alternative terms or names
JP Politics and government
JPA Political science and theory
See also: QDTS Social and political philosophy
JPB Comparative politics
JPF Political ideologies and movements
Use for: works on different parts of the political spectrum
JPH Political structure and processes
JPL Political parties and party platforms
Use for: works that look at individual or multiple political parties, or examine particular party platforms or programs. Use with: JPF* codes for works about a particular party on the political spectrum
JPN Indigenous people: governance and politics
Class here: works on policies, government
1.3 1.4
JPP Public administration
See also: KNV Civil service and public sector
JPQ Central / national / federal government
JPR Regional, state and other local government
Use for: any government within a country that is not municipal or city based (these are within scope of JPT).
See also: JPT Municipal / city government
JPS International relations
Class here: International politics, foreign policy
JPT Municipal / city government
Use for: city regions (e.g. Greater London or the Bay Area), metropolitan areas or key subdivisions of urban areas such as boroughs
1.2 1.3
JPV Political control and freedoms
Class here: political propaganda
JPW Political activism
JPZ Corruption in politics, government and society
Class here: government and public sector corruption, judicial and police corruption, bribery and corruption as part of everyday life in society etc.
See also: JKV* Crime and criminology and its subcategories

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