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Notation Category heading Add Mod ?
J Society & Social Sciences
JB Society & culture: general
Use for: (all JB* codes) both general & academic works on social topics. Use with: JH* codes for sociology textbooks & other specialist works as appropriate. See also: VFV* Family & relationships: advice & issues and its subcategories
JBS Social groups
JBSA Social classes
JBSC Rural communities
JBSD Urban communities
JBSF Gender studies, gender groups
JBSJ Gay & Lesbian studies / LGBTQ studies
Class here: queer studies, sexual diversity studies. Use with: 5PS* values from INTEREST Qualifiers, as appropriate. See also: JBSF3 Gender studies: transgender, transsexual, intersex people
JBSL Ethnic studies
Use with: 5PB* values from INTEREST Qualifiers, as appropriate
JBSP Age groups & generations 1.2
JBSR Social groups: religious groups & communities
Use with: 5PG* values from INTEREST Qualifiers and QR* codes as appropriate
JBSW Social groups: alternative lifestyles
JBSX Secret societies
Class here: freemasonry. See also: QRY* Alternative belief systems and its subcategories, FHQ Esoteric thriller
JBSY Social groups: clubs & societies
Class here: voluntary association or ‘elective affinities’, how & why people join & associate themselves with specific groups

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