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J Society & Social Sciences
JB Society & culture: general
Use for: (all JB* codes) both general & academic works on social topics. Use with: JH* codes for sociology textbooks & other specialist works as appropriate. See also: VFV* Family & relationships: advice & issues and its subcategories
JBF Social & ethical issues
See also: PDR Impact of science & technology on society, RNT Social impact of environmental issues, QDTQ Ethics & moral philosophy
JBFA Social discrimination & equal treatment
Class here: racism, xenophobia, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, antisemitism, etc. Use for: both issues of inequality & discrimination and measures to address these issues such as positive discrimination
JBFB Social Integration & assimilation 1.3
JBFC Poverty & precarity
Class here: food poverty, food banks, unemployment or employment when linked to poverty
JBFD Housing & homelessness
JBFF Social impact of disasters
Class here: famine, malnutrition, forced movement of peoples as a result of disasters etc. Use with: other subject codes as appropriate. See also: RNR Natural disasters
JBFG Refugees & political asylum
JBFH Migration, immigration & emigration
Class here: diasporas
JBFJ Human trafficking
Class here: forced labour, forced marriage, sexual slavery, modern-day slavery, forced prostitution, child labour. See also: NHTS Slavery & abolition of slavery
JBFK Violence & abuse in society
Class here: violent crime, honour crimes, torture. See also: JKV Crime & criminology
JBFM Disability: social aspects
JBFN Health, illness & addiction: social aspects
Use with: MBP to indicate social aspects of health systems
JBFQ Social mobility
JBFS Consumerism
JBFU Animals & society
Class here: animal rights, vivisection, hunting, etc treated as issues
JBFV Ethical issues & debates
See also: QDTQ Ethics & moral philosophy, PSAD Bioethics
JBFW Sex & sexuality, social aspects
Use for: general interest works on sex & society, pornography and the sex industry, sex work and prostitution. See also: VFVC Sex & sexuality: advice & issues, JMU Psychology: sexual behaviour
JBFX Social attitudes
Class here: political correctness
JBFZ Social forecasting, future studies

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