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Notation Category heading Add Mod ?
F Fiction & Related items
F* codes may be used with PLACE and/or TIME PERIOD Qualifiers where these aspects are particularly pertinent & significant; non-fiction codes may be added after F* codes to indicate specific central themes or topics in fiction
FB Fiction: general & literary
Use FB only for literary & non-genre fiction where date not known; prefer FBA or FBC as appropriate where possible; FB* codes may be used with other F* codes indicating themes, genres or features where applicable
FC Biographical fiction
Use for highly fictionalised accounts of the lives of real people (including fictionalised autobiographies). May be used with FV where applicable. See also: DN* Biography & non-fiction prose and its subcategories
FD Speculative fiction
FF Crime & mystery fiction
FG Sports fiction
S* codes may be added after FG to indicate specific sport featured
FH Thriller / suspense fiction
FJ Adventure fiction
FK Horror & supernatural fiction
FL Science fiction
FM Fantasy
FN Myth & legend told as fiction
Use for modern retellings in novel form. See also: DBS Sagas & epics
FP Erotic fiction
Use with Qualifier 5X as appropriate
FQ Contemporary lifestyle fiction
Class here: ‘chick lit’, ‘lad lit’
FR Romance
FS Family life fiction
Use for novels of domestic or small-scale family life. See also: FT Generational sagas
FT Generational sagas
Use for novels which chronicle the fortunes of a family or families often over generations; do not use for Icelandic or Norse sagas. Class here: family sagas. See also: FS Family life fiction
FU Humorous fiction
Use for fiction where humour is the primary aim & feature except prefer genre-specific ‘humorous’ headings where available; may be used with other F* codes as appropriate
FV Historical fiction
Use for contemporary novels set in the past, ie set c pre-1900, except prefer genre-specific ‘historical’ headings where available; use with other F* codes as appropriate; use PLACE and/or TIME PERIOD Qualifiers to indicate setting as appropriate
FW Religious & spiritual fiction
Use for fiction designed to promote a particular religious, spiritual or visionary message; use with relevant 5PG* code as appropriate, or where unavailable, a QR* or VX* code
FX Fiction: narrative themes
Use FX* codes after other F* codes indicating genre or type, to indicate the underlying narrative theme of a work of fiction
FY Fiction: special features
Use FY* codes after other F* code indicating genre or type
FZ Fiction companions
Class here: companion works to popular fiction, typically uncritical, ‘fan’-based. See also: DSR Literary reference works, XR* Graphic novel & comic books: guides & reviews and its subcategories

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