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Notation Category heading Add Mod ?
D Biography, Literature and Literary studies
Use all D* codes for: specialist and general adult titles. DO NOT USE: code ‘D’ itself, but select specific categories from section D*. Use all D* codes with: other subject categories and qualifiers where appropriate, in particular STYLE 6*, PLACE 1*, LANGUAGE 2* or TIME PERIOD 3* Qualifiers
DN Biography and non-fiction prose
Class here: life-writing. Use all DN* codes with: another specific subject code where possible, e.g. SFH “Golf” with DNBS.
See also: FC Biographical fiction
DNB Biography: general
DNBA Autobiography: general
DNBB Biography: business and industry
DNBF Biography: arts and entertainment 1.4
DNBH Biography: historical, political and military
DNBL Biography: writers
Class here: literary biography, biographies of novelists, poets, playwrights, journalists etc
DNBM Biography: philosophy and social sciences 1.2
DNBP Biography: adventurers and explorers 1.3
DNBR Biography: royalty
DNBS Biography: sport
DNBT Biography: science, technology and medicine
DNBX Biography: religious and spiritual
DNBZ Collected biographies
Use for: biographies of several people in single volume. Use with: appropriate DNB* code indicating area where possible.
See also: GBCB Dictionaries of biography

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