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A The Arts
Use all A* codes for: specialist and general adult titles, including both highly illustrated and more text-based works. For a hobby or recreational approach, prefer a WF* code as the main subject and supplement with A* code(s) where appropriate. Use all A* codes with: other subject categories and qualifiers as appropriate, in particular STYLE 6*, plus PLACE 1* and TIME PERIOD 3* Qualifiers
AK Design, Industrial and commercial arts, illustration
Use all AK* codes for: works that look at the subject from a fine arts or history of art perspective, or aimed at a professional, technical or skilled audience. Use with: STYLE 6*, PLACE 1* and TIME PERIOD 3* Qualifiers as appropriate.
Prefer: WF* codes as the main subject for more amateur, hobby or recreational approaches
AKH Book design and Bookbinding
Class here: cover design, fine binding, paper marbling, etc as arts. Use for: works on the arts of designing and creating books.
See also: WFT Book and paper crafts, AKLB Illustration, KNTP1 Publishing and book trade
AKHM Manuscripts and illumination
Class here: miniatures, illuminated or painted manuscripts, scrolls and codices
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