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Notation Category heading Add Mod ?
A The Arts
AG Fine arts: treatments & subjects
Use with: (all AG* codes) the relevant AF* code(s) & STYLE Qualifiers 6* as appropriate
AGA History of art
Use with: other Arts codes A* and also STYLE 6*, PLACE 1* & TIME PERIOD 3* Qualifiers as appropriate
AGB Individual artists, art monographs
AGC Exhibition catalogues & specific collections
See also: WTHM Travel guides: museums, historic sites, galleries etc, GLZ Museology & heritage studies
AGH Human figures depicted in art
AGK Small-scale, secular & domestic scenes in art
Class here: ‘genre’ subjects, everyday scenes & events in art
AGN Nature in art 1.3
AGP Man-made objects depicted in art (cityscapes, machines, etc)
AGR Religious art
Use with: relevant code from QR* where appropriate
AGZ Art techniques & principles
Class here: textbooks & advanced level works on techniques, colour theory, perspective, etc. See also: WFA Painting & art manuals

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