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Notation Category heading Add Mod ?
6 Style qualifiers
DO NOT USE “6” on individual books, but select qualifiers from section 6* as appropriate
6A Styles (A)
6B Styles (B)
6C Styles (C)
6D Styles (D)
6E Styles (E)
6F Styles (F)
6G Styles (G)
6H Styles (H)
6J Styles (IJ)
6K Styles (K)
6L Styles (L)
6M Styles (M)
6N Styles (NO)
6P Styles (P)
6Q Styles (Q)
6R Styles (R)
6S Styles (S)
6T Styles (T)
6U Styles (U)
6V Styles (V)
6W Styles (W)
6X Styles (XYZ)

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