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Notation Category heading Add Mod ?
1 Place qualifiers
DO NOT USE “1” on individual books, but select qualifiers from section 1* as appropriate
1Q Other geographical groupings: Oceans & seas, historical, political etc 201710
1QB Historical states, empires & regions
1QBD Historical states & empires: Europe
1QBDA Austro-Hungarian Empire
1QBDF Holy Roman Empire
1QBDK Czechoslovakia
1QBDL East Germany, DDR
1QBDN West Germany
1QBDP Prussia 1.2
1QBDR USSR, Soviet Union
1QBDT Russian tsarist empire 1.2
1QBDY Yugoslavia
1QBD-FR-G Gaul
Class here: Celtic & Roman Gaul
1QBD-FR-L Carolingian Empire 201704
1QBD-FR-N Napoleonic Empire 201704
1QBD-FR-Z France: Historical & cultural regions
Use with: codes for French regions

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