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Notation Category heading Add Mod ?
1 Place qualifiers
Use PLACE 1* Qualifier codes WITH appropriate subject codes for: indicating the geographical scope and applicability of the content, such as the location of a travel guide, the setting of a novel, the jurisdiction to which laws apply, the history of a particular place, etc. Where options exist, e.g. terms representing actual, historical, cultural, administrative, or geophysical entities, use the expression that best suits the content. Where no code exists for a specific location, use the nearest most appropriate broader code that includes it. DO NOT USE: to indicate any geographical aspect that is not to do with the content or subject of a book (e.g. place of publication, market availability, nationality of author – this is described in other metadata, etc). National extensions (i.e. 1*-xx- format codes, where ‘xx’ indicates a country code) can be assigned by any user, and are not exclusive to users in the indicated country. This section is not intended as an exhaustive gazetteer of all places but a list of commonly used locations in the global book supply chain. DO NOT USE: code “1” itself, but select appropriate specific qualifiers from section 1*
1D Europe
1DX Southeast Europe
1DXG Greece
1DXG-GR-E Central Greece 1.2.8
1DXG-GR-H Epirus 1.2.8
1DXG-GR-L Thessaly 1.2.8
1DXG-GR-M Macedonia 1.2.8
1DXG-GR-P Peloponnese 1.2.8
1DXG-GR-S Greek Islands 1.2.8
1DXG-GR-T Thrace 1.2.8

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