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Notation Category heading Add Mod ?
1 Place qualifiers
DO NOT USE “1” on individual books, but select qualifiers from section 1* as appropriate
1D Europe
1DS Southern Europe
1DSE Spain
1DSE-ES-A Andalusia, Autonomous Community of
1DSE-ES-B Balearic Islands
1DSE-ES-C Aragon, Autonomous Community of
1DSE-ES-D Asturias, Principality of
1DSE-ES-E Canary Islands
Use for: political & social aspects; prefer/add 1MTANC for geophysical, natural history & travel aspects. See also: 1MTANC The Canary Islands
1DSE-ES-F Cantabria, Autonomous Community of
1DSE-ES-G Castile-La Mancha, Autonomous Community of
1DSE-ES-H Castile and Leon, Autonomous Community of
1DSE-ES-J Catalonia
1DSE-ES-K Extremadura, Autonomous Community of
1DSE-ES-L Galicia, Autonomous Community of
1DSE-ES-M Madrid, Community of
1DSE-ES-N Murcia, Region of
1DSE-ES-Q Navarre, Chartered Community of
1DSE-ES-R Basque Autonomous Community
1DSE-ES-S La Rioja, Autonomous Community of
1DSE-ES-T Valencian Community
1DSE-ES-U Ceuta, Autonomous City of
1DSE-ES-V Melilla, Autonomous City of
1DSE-ES-X Spain: Places of interest
Use for: physical features, historical & cultural areas or other places of national interest or importance
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