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Q Philosophie und Religion
Use all Q* codes for: academic, specialist and general adult titles. DO NOT USE: code ‘Q’ itself, but select specific categories from section Q*. QRA* and QRV* codes should be used with other QR* codes to denote which particular religion. S. auch: VX* Körper und Geist und ihre Unterkategorien
QR Religion und Glaube
QRM Christentum
QRMF Christentum: Heilige Texte
Use for: canonical and non-canonical writings. Use all QRMF* codes with: QRVC for critiques, exegesis or examinations of texts. Prefer: the relevant QRMF code for versions of the texts themselves
QRMF1 Bibel
Class here: Any version of the Bible itself. Use with: QRVC for critiques or examination of the Bible, Biblical Studies, Biblical Concordances and Commentaries
QRMF3 Writings of the Early Church Fathers
Class here: Patristics or patrology. Use for: the works of early Christian Writers and with QRVC for critiques of the texts or on its own when just the text

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