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Liste Kode Tekst Add Mod ?
51 Relasjon mellom produkter
Bruk med <ProductRelationCode> <x455>
51 00 Uspesifisert
<Product> is related to <RelatedProduct> in a way that cannot be specified by another code value
1 11
51 01 Inkluderer
<Product> includes <RelatedProduct> (inverse of code 02)
1 11
51 02 Er del av
<Product> is part of <RelatedProduct>: use for ‘also available as part of’ (inverse of code 01)
1 11
51 03 Erstatter
<Product> replaces, or is new edition of, <RelatedProduct> (inverse of code 05)
51 05 Erstattet av
<Product> is replaced by, or has new edition, <RelatedProduct> (inverse of code 03)
51 06 Alternativt format
<Product> is available in an alternative format as <RelatedProduct> – indicates an alternative format of the same content which is or may be available (is own inverse)
51 07 Har tilleggsprodukt
<Product> has an ancillary or supplementary product <RelatedProduct> (inverse of code 08)
1 11
51 08 Er tilleggsprodukt til
<Product> is ancillary or supplementary to <RelatedProduct> (inverse of code 07)
1 11
51 09 Restopplaget identifisert som
<Product> is remaindered as <RelatedProduct>, when a remainder merchant assigns its own identifier to the product (inverse of code 10)
1 11
51 10 Er restopplag av
<Product> was originally sold as <RelatedProduct>, indicating the publisher’s original identifier for a title which is offered as a remainder under a different identifier (inverse of code 09)
1 11
51 11 Er versjon på annet språk av
<Product> is an other-language version of <RelatedProduct> (is own inverse)
6 11
51 12 Utgivers/vareeiers foreslåtte alternativ
<Product> has a publisher’s suggested alternative <RelatedProduct>, which does not, however, carry the same content (cf 05 and 06)
51 13 E-bok basert på (trykt publikasjon)
<Product> is an epublication based on printed product <RelatedProduct>. The related product is the source of any print-equivalent page numbering present in the epublication
51 16 POD erstatning for
<Product> is a POD replacement for <RelatedProduct>. <RelatedProduct> is an out-of-print product replaced by a print-on-demand version under a new ISBN (inverse of code 17)
5 11
51 17 Erstattet av POD
<Product> is replaced by POD <RelatedProduct>. <RelatedProduct> is a print-on-demand replacement, under a new ISBN, for an out-of-print <Product> (inverse of code 16)
5 11
51 18 Er spesialutgave av
<Product> is a special edition of <RelatedProduct>. Used for a special edition (German: Sonderausgabe) with different cover, binding, premium content etc – more than ‘alternative format’ – which may be available in limited quantity and for a limited time (inverse of code 19)
8 11
51 19 Har spesialutgave
<Product> has a special edition <RelatedProduct> (inverse of code 18)
8 11
51 20 Is prebound edition of
<Product> is a prebound edition of <RelatedProduct> (In the US, a ‘prebound’ edition is ‘a book that was previously bound and has been rebound with a library quality hardcover binding. In almost all commercial cases, the book in question began as a paperback. This might also be termed ‘re-bound’) (inverse of code 21)
9 11
51 21 Is original of prebound edition
<Product> is the regular edition of which <RelatedProduct> is a prebound edition (inverse of code 20)
9 11
51 22 Produkt av samme forfatter
<Product> and <RelatedProduct> have a common author
9 11
51 23 Lignende produkt
<RelatedProduct> is another product that is suggested as similar to <Product> (‘if you liked <Product>, you may also like <RelatedProduct>’, or vice versa)
9 11
51 24 Er faksimile av
<Product> is a facsimile edition of <RelatedProduct> (inverse of code 25)
9 11
51 25 Er originalen til faksimile
<Product> is the original edition from which a facsimile edition <RelatedProduct> is taken (inverse of code 24)
9 11
51 26 Er lisens til
<Product> is a license for a digital <RelatedProduct>, traded or supplied separately
9 11
51 27 Digital versjon tilgjengelig som
<RelatedProduct> is an electronic version of print <Product> (inverse of code 13)
9 11
51 28 Beriket versjon tilgjengelig som
<RelatedProduct> is an ‘enhanced’ version of <Product>, with additional content. Typically used to link an enhanced e-book to its original ‘unenhanced’ equivalent, but not specifically limited to linking e-books – for example, may be used to link illustrated and non-illustrated print books. <Product> and <RelatedProduct> should share the same <ProductForm> (inverse of code 29)
51 29 Uberiket versjon tilgjengelig som
<RelatedProduct> is a basic version of <Product>. <Product> and <RelatedProduct> should share the same <ProductForm> (inverse of code 28)
51 30 Produkt i samme ‘serie’ (collection)
<RelatedProduct> and <Product> are part of the same collection (eg two products in same series or set) (is own inverse)
51 31 Har alternativ i en annen sektor av markedet
<RelatedProduct> is an alternative product in another sector (of the same geographical market). Indicates an alternative that carries the same content, but available to a different set of customers, as one or both products are retailer-, channel- or market sector-specific (is own inverse)
51 32 Har tilsvarende produkt ment for et annet marked
<RelatedProduct> is an equivalent product, often intended for another (geographical) market. Indicates an alternative that carries essentially the same content, though slightly adapted for local circumstances (as opposed to a translation – use code 11) (is own inverse)
51 33 Har et alternativ ment for et annet marked
<RelatedProduct> is an alternative product, often intended for another (geographical) market. Indicates the content of the alternative is identical in all respects (is own inverse)
51 34 Siterer
<Product> cites <RelatedProduct> (inverse of code 35)
51 35 Er sitert av
<Product> is the object of a citation in <RelatedProduct> (inverse of code 34)
51 37 Er signert versjon av
<Product> is a signed copy of <RelatedProduct>. Use where signed copies are given a distinct product identifier and can be ordered separately, but are otherwise identical (inverse of code 38)
51 38 Har signert versjon
<Product> is an unsigned copy of <RelatedProduct>. Use where signed copies are given a distinct product identifier and can be ordered separately, but are otherwise identical (inverse of code 37)
51 39 Har relatert elevmateriell
<Product> is intended for teacher use, and the related product is for student use
51 40 Har relatert lærermateriell
<Product> is intended for student use, and the related product is for teacher use
51 41 Deler noe innhold med
<Product> includes some content shared with <RelatedProduct>. Note the shared content does not form the whole of either product. Compare with the ‘includes’ / ‘is part of’ relationship pair (codes 01 and 02), where the shared content forms the whole of one of the products, and with the ‘alternative format’ relationship (code 06), where the shared content forms the whole of both products (code 41 is own inverse)
51 42 Er senere utgave av første utgave
<Product> is a later edition of <RelatedProduct>, where the related product is the first edition
51 43 Tilpasset/bearbeidet fra
<Product> is an adapted (dramatized, abridged, novelized etc) version of <RelatedProduct> (inverse of code 44)
51 44 Tilbasset/bearbeidet som
<Product> is the original from which <RelatedProduct> is adapted (dramatized etc) (inverse of code 43)