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49 Region – basert på ISO 3166-2
Bruk med
    • <RegionCode> <b398>
    • <RegionsIncluded> <x450>
    • <RegionsExcluded> <x452>
formerly Rights territory code
49 ECZ Eurozone
Countries geographically within continental Europe which use the Euro as their sole currency. At the time of writing, this is a synonym for ‘AT BE CY EE FI FR DE ES GR IE IT LT LU LV MT NL PT SI SK’ (the official Eurozone 19), plus ‘AD MC SM VA ME’ and Kosovo (other Euro-using countries in continental Europe). Note some other territories using the Euro, but outside continental Europe are excluded from this list, and may need to be specified separately. ONLY valid in ONIX 3, and ONLY within P.26 – and this use is itself DEPRECATED. Use of an explicit list of countries instead of ECZ is strongly encouraged
13 28