ONIX kodelister, utgave 50

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Liste Kode Tekst Add Mod ?
44 Identifikator for navn – type
Bruk med
    • <NameIDType> <x415>
    • <SenderIDType> <m379>
    • <AddresseeIDType> <m380>
    • <ImprintIDType> <x445>
    • <PublisherIDType> <x447>
    • <CopyrightOwnerIDType> <b392>
    • <ProductContactIDType> <x483>
    • <EventSponsorIDType> <x522>
    • <ConferenceSponsorIDType> <b391>
    • <RecordSourceIDType> <x311>
    • <SupplyContactIDType> <x538>
44 01 Proprietær
Merk at <IDTypeName> er obligatorisk ved proprietære identifikatorer
44 02 Proprietær
UTGÅTT. Bruk 01
44 03 DNB publisher identifier
Deutsche Nationalbibliothek identifikator for utgiver
44 04 Börsenverein Verkehrsnummer 1
44 05 German ISBN Agency publisher identifier 1
44 06 GLN (EAN-UCC)
Global location number (tidligere: EAN location number)
1 9
44 07 SAN
Standard adressenummer i bokbransjen. Brukes i USA, UK etc
1 6
44 08 MARC organization code
MARC code list for organizations – see http://www.loc.gov/marc/organizations/orgshome.html
44 10 Nederlandsk Centraal Boekhuis Relatie ID
Trading party identifier used in the Netherlands
44 13 Fondscode Boekenbank
Flamske utgiverkoder
44 15 Y-tunnus
Business Identity Code (Finland). See http://www.ytj.fi/ (in Finnish)
44 16 ISNI
International Standard Name Identifier. Se http://www.isni.org/
44 17 PND
Personennamendatei – person name authority file used by Deutsche Nationalbibliothek and in other German-speaking countries. See http://www.d-nb.de/standardisierung/normdateien/pnd.htm (German) or http://www.d-nb.de/eng/standardisierung/normdateien/pnd.htm (English). DEPRECATED in favour of the GND
10 18
44 18 LCCN
A control number assigned to a Library of Congress Name Authority record
44 19 Japanese Publisher identifier
Publisher identifier administered by Japanese ISBN Agency
44 20 GKD
Gemeinsame Körperschaftsdatei – Corporate Body Authority File in the German-speaking countries. See http://www.d-nb.de/standardisierung/normdateien/gkd.htm (German) or http://www.d-nb.de/eng/standardisierung/normdateien/gkd.htm (English). DEPRECATED in favour of the GND
13 18
44 21 ORCID
Open Researcher and Contributor ID. See http://www.orcid.org/
44 22 GAPP Publisher Identifier
Publisher identifier maintained by the Chinese ISBN Agency (GAPP)
44 23 VAT Identity Number
Identifier for a business organization for VAT purposes, eg within the EU’s VIES system. See http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/faqvies.do for EU VAT ID formats, which vary from country to country. Generally these consist of a two-letter country code followed by the 8–12 digits of the national VAT ID. Some countries include one or two letters within their VAT ID. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VAT_identification_number for non-EU countries that maintain similar identifiers. Spaces, dashes etc should be omitted
44 24 JP Distribution Identifier
4-digit business organization identifier controlled by the Japanese Publication Wholesalers Association
44 25 GND
Gemeinsame Normdatei – Joint Authority File in the German-speaking countries. See ‘http://www.dnb.de/EN/Standardisierung/Normdaten/GND/gnd_node.html (English)’. Combines the PND, SWD and GKD into a single authority file, and should be used in preference
44 26 DUNS
Dunn and Bradstreet Universal Numbering System, see www.dnb.co.uk/dandb-duns-number
44 27 Ringgold ID
Ringgold organizational identifier, see http://www.ringgold.com/pages/identify.html
44 28 Identifiant Editeur Electre
French Electre publisher identifier
44 29 EIDR Party DOI
DOI used in EIDR party registry, for example ‘10.5237/C9F6-F41F’ (Sam Raimi). See http://eidr.org
44 30 Identifiant Marque Electre
French Electre imprint Identifier
44 31 VIAF ID
Virtual Internet Authority File. <IDValue> should be a number. The URI form of the identifier can be created by prefixing the number with ‘https://viaf.org/viaf/’. See https://viaf.org
44 32 FundRef DOI
DOI used in CrossRef’s Open Funder Registry list of academic research funding bodies, for example ‘10.13039/100004440’ (Wellcome Trust). See http://www.crossref.org/fundingdata/registry.html
44 33 BNE CN
Control number assigned to a Name Authority record by the Biblioteca Nacional de España
44 34 BNF Control number
Numéro de la notice de personne BNF
44 35 ARK
Archival Resource Key, as URL (including the address of the ARK resolver provided by eg a national library)
44 36 Nasjonalt autoritetsregister
Norsk nasjonalt autoritetsregister for person- og korporasjonsnavn
44 37 GRID
Global Research Identifier Database ID (see http://www.grid.ac). For use in ONIX 3.0 only