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Liste Kode Tekst Add Mod ?
16 Work identifier type
Bruk med <WorkIDType> <b201>
16 01 Proprietær
Merk at <IDTypeName> er obligatorisk med proprietære identifikatorer
16 02 ISBN-10
10-character ISBN of manifestation of work, when this is the only work identifier available – now DEPRECATED in ONIX for Books, except where providing historical information for compatibility with legacy systems. It should only be used in relation to products published before 2007 – when ISBN-13 superseded it – and should never be used as the ONLY identifier (it should always be accompanied by the correct GTIN-13 / ISBN-13 of the manifestation of the work)
16 06 DOI
Digital Object Identifier (variable length and character set)
16 11 ISTC
International Standard Text Code (16 characters: numerals and letters A-F, unhyphenated)
16 15 ISBN-13
13-character ISBN of manifestation of work, when this is the only work identifier available (13 digits, without spaces or hyphens)
16 18 ISRC
International Standard Recording Code
16 32 GLIMIR
Global Library Manifestation Identifier, OCLC’s ‘manifestation cluster’ ID
16 33 OWI
OCLC Work Identifier
16 39 ISCC
International Standard Content Code, a ‘similarity hash’ identifier derived algorithmically from the content itself (see https://iscc.codes). <IDValue> is the 27-character case-sensitive string (including one hyphen) comprising the Meta-ID and Content-ID components of a full ISCC generated from a digital manifestation of the work. Use only with ONIX 3.0