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List Code Heading Add Mod ?
74 Language – based on ISO 639-2/B
Used with
    • <LanguageCode> <b252>
    • <FromLanguage> <x412>
    • <ToLanguage> <x413>
    • <AudienceCodeValue> <b206>
    • <DefaultLanguageOfText> <m184>
    • @language
74 qls Neutral Latin American Spanish
ONIX local code, distinct and exclusively spoken variation of Spanish, not distinguished from spa (Spanish, Castilian) by ISO 639-3. Neutral Latin American Spanish should be considered a ‘shorthand’ for spa plus a ‘country code’ for Latin America – but prefer spa plus the relevant country code for specifically Mexican Spanish, Argentine (Rioplatense) Spanish, Puerto Rican Spanish etc. Neutral Latin American Spanish must only be used with audio material (including the audio tracks of TV, video and film) to indicate use of accent, vocabulary and construction suitable for broad use across Latin America. For use in ONIX 3.0 only

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