ONIX codelists Issue 51

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List Code Heading Add Mod ?
57 Unpriced item type
Used with <UnpricedItemType> <j192>
57 01 Free of charge
57 02 Price to be announced
57 03 Not sold separately
Not sold separately at retail
57 04 Contact supplier
May be used for books that do not carry a recommended retail price; when goods can only be ordered ‘in person’ from a sales representative; when an ONIX file is ‘broadcast’ rather than sent one-to-one to a single trading partner; or for digital products offered on subscription or with pricing which is too complex to specify in ONIX
57 05 Not sold as set
When a collection that is not sold as a set nevertheless has its own ONIX record
57 06 Revenue share
Unpriced, but available via a pre-determined revenue share agreement

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