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List Code Heading Add Mod ?
44 Name identifier type
Used with
    • <NameIDType> <x415>
    • <SenderIDType> <m379>
    • <AddresseeIDType> <m380>
    • <ImprintIDType> <x445>
    • <PublisherIDType> <x447>
    • <CopyrightOwnerIDType> <b392>
    • <ProductContactIDType> <x483>
    • <EventSponsorIDType> <x522>
    • <ConferenceSponsorIDType> <b391>
    • <RecordSourceIDType> <x311>
    • <SupplyContactIDType> <x538>
44 01 Proprietary
Note that <IDTypeName> is required with proprietary identifiers
44 02 Proprietary
44 03 DNB publisher identifier
Deutsche Nationalbibliothek publisher identifier
44 04 Börsenverein Verkehrsnummer 1
44 05 German ISBN Agency publisher identifier 1
44 06 GLN
GS1 global location number (formerly EAN location number)
1 9
44 07 SAN
Book trade Standard Address Number – US, UK etc
1 6
44 08 MARC organization code
MARC code list for organizations – see http://www.loc.gov/marc/organizations/orgshome.html
44 10 Centraal Boekhuis Relatie ID
Trading party identifier used in the Netherlands
44 13 Fondscode Boekenbank
Flemish publisher code
44 15 Y-tunnus
Business Identity Code (Finland). See http://www.ytj.fi/ (in Finnish)
44 16 ISNI
International Standard Name Identifier. A sixteen digit number. Usually presented with spaces or hyphens dividing the number into four groups of four digits, but in ONIX the spaces or hyphens should be omitted. See http://www.isni.org/
44 17 PND
Personennamendatei – person name authority file used by Deutsche Nationalbibliothek and in other German-speaking countries. See http://www.dnb.de/standardisierung/normdateien/pnd.htm (German) or http://www.dnb.de/eng/standardisierung/normdateien/pnd.htm (English). DEPRECATED in favor of the GND
10 18
44 18 NACO
A control number assigned to a Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN) Name Authority / NACO record
10 51
44 19 Japanese Publisher identifier
Publisher identifier administered by Japanese ISBN Agency
44 20 GKD
Gemeinsame Körperschaftsdatei – Corporate Body Authority File in the German-speaking countries. See http://www.dnb.de/standardisierung/normdateien/gkd.htm (German) or http://www.dnb.de/eng/standardisierung/normdateien/gkd.htm (English). DEPRECATED in favor of the GND
13 18
44 21 ORCID
Open Researcher and Contributor ID. A sixteen digit number. Usually presented with hyphens dividing the number into four groups of four digits, but in ONIX the hyphens should be omitted. See http://www.orcid.org/
44 22 GAPP Publisher Identifier
Publisher identifier maintained by the Chinese ISBN Agency (GAPP)
44 23 VAT Identity Number
Identifier for a business organization for VAT purposes, eg within the EU’s VIES system. See http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/faqvies.do for EU VAT ID formats, which vary from country to country. Generally these consist of a two-letter country code followed by the 8–12 digits of the national VAT ID. Some countries include one or two letters within their VAT ID. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VAT_identification_number for non-EU countries that maintain similar identifiers. Spaces, dashes etc should be omitted
44 24 JP Distribution Identifier
4-digit business organization identifier controlled by the Japanese Publication Wholesalers Association
44 25 GND
Gemeinsame Normdatei – Joint Authority File in the German-speaking countries. See http://www.dnb.de/EN/gnd (English). Combines the PND, SWD and GKD into a single authority file, and should be used in preference
44 26 DUNS
Dunn and Bradstreet Universal Numbering System, see http://www.dnb.co.uk/dandb-duns-number
44 27 Ringgold ID
Ringgold organizational identifier, see http://www.ringgold.com/identify.html
44 28 Identifiant Editeur Electre
French Electre publisher identifier
44 29 EIDR Party DOI
DOI used in EIDR party registry, for example ‘10.5237/C9F6-F41F’ (Sam Raimi). See http://eidr.org
44 30 Identifiant Marque Electre
French Electre imprint Identifier
44 31 VIAF ID
Virtual Internet Authority File. <IDValue> should be a number. The URI form of the identifier can be created by prefixing the number with ‘https://viaf.org/viaf/’. See https://viaf.org
44 32 FundRef DOI
DOI used in CrossRef’s Open Funder Registry list of academic research funding bodies, for example ‘10.13039/100004440’ (Wellcome Trust). See http://www.crossref.org/fundingdata/registry.html
44 33 BNE CN
Control number assigned to a Name Authority record by the Biblioteca Nacional de España
44 34 BNF Control Number
Numéro de la notice de personne BNF
44 35 ARK
Archival Resource Key, as a URL (including the address of the ARK resolver provided by eg a national library)
44 36 Nasjonalt autoritetsregister
Nasjonalt autoritetsregister for navn – Norwegian national authority file for personal and corporate names. For use in ONIX 3.0 only
44 37 GRID
Global Research Identifier Database ID (see https://www.grid.ac). For use in ONIX 3.0 only

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