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List Code Heading Add Mod ?
2 Product composition
Used with <ProductComposition> <x314>
2 00 Single-component retail product 9 39
2 10 Multiple-component retail product
Multiple-component product retailed as a whole
9 39
2 11 Multiple-item collection, retailed as separate parts
Used only when an ONIX record is required for a collection-as-a-whole, even though it is not currently retailed as such
9 39
2 20 Trade-only product
Product available to the book trade, but not for retail sale, and not carrying retail items, eg empty dumpbin, empty counterpack, promotional material
9 39
2 30 Multiple-item trade-only pack
Product available to the book trade, but not for general retail sale as a whole. It carries multiple components for retailing as separate items, eg shrink-wrapped trade pack, filled dumpbin, filled counterpack
9 39
2 31 Multiple-item pack
Carrying multiple components, primarily for retailing as separate items. The pack may be split and retailed as separate items OR retailed as a single item. Use instead of Multiple-item trade-only pack (code 30) if the data provider specifically wishes to make explicit that the pack may optionally be retailed as a whole
21 39

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