ONIX codelists Issue 50

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List Code Heading Add Mod ?
18 Person / organization name type
Used with <NameType> <x414>
18 00 Unspecified
18 01 Pseudonym
May be used to give a well-known pseudonym, where the primary name is a ‘real’ name
18 02 Authority-controlled name
18 03 Earlier name
Use only within <AlternativeName>
18 04 ‘Real’ name
May be used to identify a well-known real name, where the primary name is a pseudonym
18 05 Transliterated form of primary name
Use only within <AlternativeName>, when the primary name type is unspecified
18 06 Later name
Use only within <AlternativeName>
18 07 Fictional character name
Use only within <NameAsSubject>, to indicate the subject is fictional. For use in ONIX 3.0 only

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