ONIX-Codelisten Issue 50

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Liste Code Bezeichnung Add Mod ?
64 Publishing status
Used with <PublishingStatus> <b394>
64 10 Remaindered
The product is no longer available from the current publisher, under the current ISBN, at the current price. It may be available to be traded through another channel. A Publishing Status code 10 ‘Remaindered’ usually but not always means that the publisher has decided to sell off excess inventory of the book. Copies of books that are remaindered are often made available in the supply chain at a reduced price. However, such remainders are often sold under a product identifier that differs from the ISBN on the full-priced copy of the book. A Publishing Status code 10 ‘Remaindered’ on a given product record may or may not be followed by a Publishing Status code 06 ‘Out of Stock Indefinitely’ or 07 ‘Out of Print’: the practise varies from one publisher to another. Some publishers may revert to a Publishing Status code 04 ‘Active’ if a desired inventory level on the product in question has subsequently been reached. No change in rights should ever be inferred from this (or any other) Publishing Status code value

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