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Liste Code Bezeichnung Add Mod ?
23 Extent type
Used with <ExtentType> <b218>
23 00 Main content page count
The highest-numbered page in a single numbered sequence of main content, usually the highest Arabic-numbered page in a book; or, for books without page numbers or (rarely) with multiple numbered sequences of main content, the total number of pages that carry the main content of the book. Note that this may include numbered but otherwise blank pages (eg pages inserted to ensure chapters start on a recto page) and may exclude unnumbered (but contentful) pages such as those in inserts/plate sections. It should exclude pages of back matter (eg any index) even when their numbering sequence continues from the main content. Either this or the Content Page count is the preferred page count for most books for the general reader. For books with substantial front and/or back matter, include also Front matter (03) and Back matter (04) page counts, or Total numbered pages (05). For books with inserts (plate sections), also include Total unnumbered insert page count whenever possible
9 14

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