BIC Subject Categories and Qualifiers

This is BIC’s Subject Categories and Qualifiers Scheme, version 2.1 released November 2010, the standard classification scheme for the UK book trade and some other English language markets, available from

Note that BIC has announced that there will be no further development of the BIC scheme, and that Thema is its preferred subject scheme for current and future use. Browse the latest version of the Thema international, multilingual subject category scheme here.

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Code Description
U Computing and information technology
UD Digital lifestyle
Use UD* codes for consumer/user guides; prefer other U* codes for professional and high-level works
UDA Personal organisation software and applications
Class here: iLife and similar applications
UDB Internet guides and online services
UDF Email: consumer/user guides
UDH Portable and handheld devices: consumer/user guides
Class here: ebook readers, tablets, iPad, etc; for smartphones, use UDT “Mobile phones: consumer/user guides”
UDM Digital music: consumer/user guides
Class here: music downloads, iPods, mp3 players etc
UDP Digital photography: consumer/user guides
Use for all consumer/user guides to digital photography. Use with AJG “Photographic equipment and techniques” for general and artistic aspects; use with UGP “Photo and image editing” for technical works on editing and software such as Photoshop
UDQ Digital video: consumer/user guides
UDT Mobile phones: consumer/user guides
Class here: smartphones. See also: UDH “Portable and handheld devices: consumer/user guides”
UDV Digital TV and media centres: consumer/user guides
UDX Computer games / online games: strategy guides
See also: UDBG “Internet gambling”

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